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          Current Location:Home>Product>Nursing Care> Drainage
          • III Type Negative Pressure Drainage Bag
          • III Type Negative Pressure Drainage Bag

          III Type Negative Pressure Drainage Bag

          • Product Details


                       Four barrels for arc-shaped                  Double barrels for arc-shaped


          1.The suction kits and trolleys enable to group on a mobile holder, the various products making up a suction set(suction devices, collection jars, catheter holder, suction liner bag)

          2.It is safe and non-toxic, meeting the enviromental protection requirements.

          Accurate scale and covenient to observe.


          4000ml      6000ml      8000ml


                                     Frosted Bag                                                    Ⅲ Type Anti-reflux Bag


                                 Anti-reflux Nagative  Pressure  Bag

                                                    Anti-spill Plug


          1.We can put anti-reflux, 84 disinfectant,etc.on the bag according the customer's request.

          2.The function of anti-reflux can prevent from flowing back.


          1000ml      1500ml      2000ml      30000ml

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