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          • Multi-Rates CBI Pump
          • Multi-Rates CBI Pump

          Multi-Rates CBI Pump

          For the flow of CBI type,the micro-flow control tube controls the drug liquid to achieve analgesic effect as required and the extrusion of pump will not affect normal flow velocity of drug liquid;the drug liquid filter is installed at the flow outlet to control the entry of particles into human body.
          Used for post-operation infusion of analgesics clinically
          • Product Details

          Type Volume Flow rate Lockout time Bolus time
          MRC pumb 60ml/100ml/150ml/200ml/275ml 1ml/h、2ml/h、3ml/h、4ml/h、5ml/h、6ml/h、8ml/h、10ml/h、12ml/h、15ml/h、18ml/h、20ml/h 10min、15min 0.5ml/time、1ml/time


          Easy to operate
          The doctors may prescribe the dosage and choice the proper model of the infusion pump f

          or different patients. When using the pump, besides the background continuous infusion, the 

          patients can press the button of PCA (Patients Controlled Analgesia) set to administer their 

          own pain relief when they are having pain.

          More options

          The disposable infusion pump can provide as much as injections for several days, ranging from 

          0.5ml/hr to 12ml/hr. It can be used for intravenous (IV) injection or epidural injection.

          More reliable and precise

          The Disposable Infusion Pump contains a silicone rubber reservoir, together with plasticized 

          PVC tubing, ABS tubing connector. The fluid path is latex free.








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