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          Current Location:Home>Product>Epidemic Products>New Product
          • Sampling cover
          • Sampling cover
          • Sampling cover
          • Sampling cover

          Sampling cover

          The sampling cover provide safer measurment of collecting the sample from the patient and keep the medical staff from being infected. Its tansparent cover can clearly see the condition within the cover.
          For people who does sample collection.
          • Product Details

          Product Name

          Sampling cover

          【Type and specification】

          Type A and Type B

          【Material and Structure】

          This product is made of nonwovens, which is cut, sewn or heat seal

          The spray rating on the outer surface of the main material of the sleeve is less than  level 3.
          The transmittance of the transparent cover to the visible light is greater than 90%.
          The haze of the cover shall be no less than 4%.

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