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          Current Location:Home>Product>Infusion>Electric Infusion Pump
          • Electronic Infusion Pump
          • Electronic Infusion Pump

          Electronic Infusion Pump

          Electronic infusion pump is a medical device that is used by the medical personnel to set the appropriate administered dosage based on the actual situations of patients, to relieve or alleviate patients’ pains. The product is easy to operate, with the functions of self-inspection and alarm prompt. It can realize the purpose of individualized treatment.
          This product is administered by epidural and intravenous analgesia
          • Product Details


          Instant exhaust reduces the time of preparation.

          The 0.1ml/ h adjustable high-precision infusion ensures infusion safety.

          Soft medicine bag design reduces medical waste. 


          ●100ml/ 150ml/ 200ml/ 275ml/ 350ml

          Alarm function

          1. Limiting alarm

          2. Mechanical failure

          3. Battery under-voltage

          4. Pipeline jam

          5. Assembly not in place or falling off

          6. Infusion complete


          Technical specification



          Range of application

          The product is used for pain caused by a variety of causes and patients who require continuous or intermittent injection of medication

          Administration route

          Intravenous, epidural

          Administration mode

          1. Continuous Basal Infusion(CBI)

          2. Patient-Controlled Analgesia(PCA)

          3. Continuous Basal Infusion+Patient-Controlled Analgesia(CBA+PCA)

          Working power

          DC6v (Four No.7 dry batteries)

          Permissible deviation in dosing accuracy

          Set value (±10%)

          Standard capacity

          100ml/ 150ml/ 200ml/ 275ml/ 350ml

          Set dosing parameters


          Continuous dosing (ml/ h)

          0-50( 0-10, increment by 0.1; 10-50, increment by 1)

          Additional dosing (ml/ time)

          0-6 (increment by 0.1) 7.0, 8.0, 9.0, 10

          Time-locked interval (min)

          5-90, increment by 1


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