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          Tuoren Medical in Euroanaesthesia 2016

          Release time:2016-6-15

          Euroanaesthesia 2016 was held by ESA (European Society of Anaesthesiology) at ExCel London on May 28-30. Euroanaesthesia is Europe’s annual event showcasing the latest and the most relevant knowledge with medical experts active in the field of anaesthesia, perioperative medicine, intensive care, emergency medicine and pain treatment. Tuoren Medical is specialized in the field of anaesthesia, intensive care and pain treatment.

          In the congress, there are 118 exhibitors showing their relevant medical devices. Tuoren shows its new products, LOR Indicator Syringe, Video Laryngoscope, Adaptive-Cuff ET Tube and ErgoMaskTM, which give a deep impression to many anaesthesiologists. Many visitors come to learn about how to operate and give identification to the products.


          Operation video of Adaptive-Cuff ET Tube


          LOR Indicator Syring




          Video Laryngoscope


          Adaptive-Cuff ET Tube

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